Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday Spotlight wk2

Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!

This week I have chosen 'The bike ride' by cosybythefire (Audrey).
The thing that drew me to this page was the framing. So unusual and very effective. I will have to give that a try! I also love the floaty, summery feel of the page and as we head into Autumn and Winter, it's a lovely way to say goodbye to the summer.

If you get a chance, call into Daisy Trail and have a look at Audrey's work. How she produces so many wonderful pages each week is totally beyond me! 
Such a talented lady :)

"I am retired and have always crafted, knitting, sewing, card making etc. I discovered Craft Artist nearly two years ago and just love it.
I have learnt more in that time than I have ever learnt thanks to Daisy Trail and all the wonderful members.
I had never learnt to use a computer for work, just the odd thing before CA.
Now I am able to help my friends and just love it.
I mostly just take a photo then look for a kit and try things. If they do not work for me then I get another kit and try again.

The kit I have used is  'Under Spring Sky' by G&T Designs"

 Thank you for sharing Audrey x

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013


It's my second week taking part in  WOYWW  and if you want to know what it's all about, pop over to Julia's blog and have a look!

So this week I thought I would share my actual work desk, even though my crafting is mainly digital. As you can see it's pretty bare lol. Maybe not so interesting for people to see, but my Kath Kidston mug is quite pretty lol... and the bunting, left over from my dad's 70th Birthday,  was made by me - and that's proper crafting isn't it?! :)

Anyway, this week I made the follow up page to go with last week's
 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'.
The picture was taken just after the girls had jumped off a rock into deep water. They were not going to do it as neither is comfortable being out of their depth. But they decided they would jump together. So, holding hands, they leapt off the rock into the cold water....
and I was holding my breath! 
They were so pleased they had conquered their fears and I think the expression on 
their faces says it all :)

I also did this page of my son, Matt  for a challenge on Daisy Trail this week.
I am obviously having a green and red, circle type thing at the moment! For both pages, I used elements from several kits by; Sahlin Studio, One Little Bird, Amy Wolff, Paislee Press and Laurie Ann.

And lastly, I have finished one of my Christmas cards. I'm going to print it out then add some glossy accents and glitter to give it more interest...yes, real crafting stuff lol!

For the card I used Jack Frost by Scrappers Delight.

Thanks for visiting and for your comments. It means so much to hear from other crafters.
 I will desk hop this evening after work and I can't wait!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Your view - a challenge!

I was thinking today that I am very lucky to have  this view from my window. It's the window I look out of when I am sat at my laptop and sometimes I stop what I'm doing to watch the foxes playing or the birds (and one very naughty squirrel) on the feeder. I wonder how much this view provides inspiration for my creativity. Certainly, a lot of my pages are nature based and many are in the natural shades of greens, blues and browns.

So I decided to take a photo and scrap it. And then I thought, wouldn't it be interesting  to see what other people can see out of their window? So I am throwing down a challenge. No prizes and no winner, just a fun thing!

Simply take a photo out of the window where your laptop/PC etc is and scrap it :)
Upload to Daisy Trail as usual and I , and others, can have a look. It might be an idea to leave a comment on this post so that I know to look for your page ;)  x

Poppy's Birthday

I cannot believe that our Poppy is 2 years old today!!! It only feels like a few months ago that we picked her up from the breeder as a tiny 8 wk old puppy.
This is her on our holiday this year. She absolutely loves the beach and the bonus is that this one was sandy! Our local beach is stony, so she was in her element whizzing around on the sand all day :)

And to celebrate, I have bought myself this pet themed kit (I know,any excuse to buy more kits LOL) I think I might hide when the credit card bill comes in this month. Hubby fails to understand why I need to keep on buying digi kits!
It's called Heartbeat by My Feet - by One Little Bird and is available HERE