Sunday, 29 September 2013

Your view - a challenge!

I was thinking today that I am very lucky to have  this view from my window. It's the window I look out of when I am sat at my laptop and sometimes I stop what I'm doing to watch the foxes playing or the birds (and one very naughty squirrel) on the feeder. I wonder how much this view provides inspiration for my creativity. Certainly, a lot of my pages are nature based and many are in the natural shades of greens, blues and browns.

So I decided to take a photo and scrap it. And then I thought, wouldn't it be interesting  to see what other people can see out of their window? So I am throwing down a challenge. No prizes and no winner, just a fun thing!

Simply take a photo out of the window where your laptop/PC etc is and scrap it :)
Upload to Daisy Trail as usual and I , and others, can have a look. It might be an idea to leave a comment on this post so that I know to look for your page ;)  x