Saturday, 29 March 2014

Saturday Spotlight Wk 23

Welcome to The Saturday Spotlight!

I have gone for another circle type page this week. I've obviously got a thing about circles on pages at the mo lol.

This is by Nanny Jean and is called Gracies Garden. The photos are great. Being a keen gardener myself, I love to see children getting involved. Gracie looks to be having a fab time getting her hands dirty. Just lovely!
I also love the crossword in the BG. A great idea for the title and the over all grungy feel of the page is perfect for the gardening photos.
 The photos were taken last month when Gracie was given her own little section of the garden. Jean says that gracie will be chuffed to bits that her page was chosen!
Jean used a kit by KK79 and is called 'Soar Through Spring'
Thank you Jean x

Friday, 28 March 2014

Digital v Traditional

I love this photo of my son and stepdaughter so much that I scrapped it twice. First I did a digital page, then a traditional one.
I really enjoyed the process of the traditional one. All the gluing, matting, stitching and stamping. But I also loved creating the digital page with what feels like an endless supply of papers and embellishments and gorgeous digital kits.
I thought I'd prefer one page over the other, but, in fact I like them both :)

Still haven't worked out how to take a good photo of a traditional page - so the colours are muted and the white looks grey. I am determined to work out how to do it though!