Saturday, 9 November 2013

Saturday Spotlight Wk 7

Welcome to The Saturday Spotlight!

This week I've chosen 'Poppy'  by Anita (Bloggs).

I thought it was apt for this weekend with it's Poppy theme. I just love the effect she has achieved with this. And she's made the page using her own designed digi kit! A very talented lady :)
You can view more of Anita's gorgeous work at Daisytrail.

" I work as a medical receptionist. I created the page to show the different effects that can be achieved from one kit.
I was so pleased to see that the kit I made is used frequently and at this time of year on Remembrance day, it comes into it's own.
The kit is called 'Poppies', my favourite flower. I have only ever made freebie kits.
I have always loved designing things ever since I was a little girl...I remember  making a ballet  theatre when I was 5 and I took the  magnets out of my brother's 'Wembley kit' and stuck them on the bottom of the ballerinas and used the magnetic sticks to move them around the stage, much to his 'HORROR'!
I have been a member of Daisytrail for over 4 years now and knew nothing about digital scrapbooking when I joined. I'm still learning and enjoying every minute, and showing my Granddaughters how to enjoy it too.

Thought you might like to know how the effect was achieved - I made a copy of the page and changed the tone of the top page, then used 'colour burn' blend mode on top xx"

Thank you very much for sharing Anita :) x