Saturday, 12 October 2013

Saturday Spotlight wk 3

Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!

This week I have chosen 'Loved One' by Suzanne Magner (suzannah3).

I just love the effects used here. Suzanne is so good at blending and always produces stunning pages. The feeling she has created with this page is amazing. And the rich colouring...just gorgeous!
You can find some other examples of her work on Daisy Trail

I am a working mum and married with 4 sons. I have one daughter-in-law and 2 beautiful grand daughters. I am a Diversional Therapist and also an Allied Health Assistant in physio, speech and OT work. I work in the local hospital in Queensland, Australia where I live. I have been scrapping for about 2 and a half years.

I created this page with a lot of emotion after listening to a patient reminiscing about the love of her life - her husband. After a lot of exploring of my inner emotions, I wanted to create how I would feel on the outside if I lost the one person in my life who has been part of it since my teenage years, where this beautiful friendship of love and respect was broken.
The white marking down the side of the face was representing a mask - a shadow of grief. I have used a lot of blending throughout this layout. I love to explore new techniques and ideas, always testing and challenging myself.

The kits I used are : Hello Fall by Natalie, Cottage Arts Click Mask 35 and Paris by Butterfly designs.

Thank you for sharing Suzanne x

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